Sergei Birukov About Sandro

“… The only one, whose performance in both - the first round and final, was brilliant, in my opinion, was Sandro Nebieridze. And that was because of his own, very harmonic talent and due to a wise, snappishly correct selection of the program: Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on Theme of Paganini, which did not even occur to (and probably would not have mastered) anyone. Thus, this extremely suitable composition for the young man, for his age and temper, sounded on the competition just ONCE. If the fate of Grand Prix of the contest depended on me, I would give it to Sandro”.

May 2016.

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“…The mature grasp of 15-years old Sandro Nebieridze seemed to be something like Gillels (Mozart’s 6th sonata sounded unexpectedly courageous and powerful, as if it were one of Beethoven’s early sonatas). In addition, the young man showed himself as a gifted composer too, whose first piano sonata continued Prokofiev-Barber line of romanticism of the twentieth century”.

Sergei Birukov,
May 2016,

“Grand Piano Competition”

You sall see the full post (in RUS) here.